“I would love to live like a river flows,
carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”
– John O’Donohue

Live Like the River Flows is taking a break while we all try to beat Covid 19. We hope you can still get access to the forest, river, sea or lake even for a short walk or glimpse. If not enjoy the days with blue sky and the drifting of clouds. We wish you a your loved ones the very best in these times.

May the river of life sustain you in your unfolding

Do you desire a slower rhythm in your life? Is there an ache inside you that no amount of possessions are able to fill? Do you yearn to reconnect with the natural world to find your sacred connection? Let me guide you.

The river of life is a challenge of managing currents, of holding ourselves in those currents alert to what flows towards us, as the nourishment that feeds the life within a river comes from upstream. Sometimes we must turn, swim a little downstream, find a quiet spot, to re-energise, before turning back out and into the flow of life.

For me, to live like the river flows, is a guide, a way to live, a way to be. It is not a passive life of waiting to see what the day brings. It is a celebration of the imagined sparking into life, of being aware of the fleeting synchronicity offered by the universe that can inform our unfolding.


Michael Woodcock – guide, pathfinder and seeker of the way.

“The physical landscape offers us waymarkers to follow. Waymarkers are a symbol, or signpost marking the route of a path, an object serving as a guide. The journey inward to our inscape has no physical waymarkers and we must learn to recognise the new signs that mark the way. I’m a guide in both the stunning landscape of the Wairarapa foothills and mountains, and that inward journey to self.”  More on waymarkers and other sacred connection on my blog.

I offer a range of forest (ngahere) based nature connecting activities and workshops and am happy to discuss tailoring something specific for you. I have Department of Conservation consents to guide on a range of tracks within the Tararua and Remutaka Forest Parks – all on the Wairarapa side of the ranges. Being out in the forest I’m aware of the people who have lived and walked there in the past, and we must enter the ngahere in a way that honours the shared stories of Tangata whenua – Rangitāne O Wairarapa and Kahungunu ki Wairarapa.

Forest of Wellbeing where we combine the forest experience with an increased element of connecting with the sacred.

Workshops and Retreats which have a personal development theme, where access to the outdoors offers a chance to slow down, reflect and absorb the learnings and reflections of the day.

Be Guided walks From half day – to a full  on easy terrain, within the greater Mount Holdsworth (Taratahi) area of the Tararua Forest Park. Walks include the identification of the forest we walk through, and the stories of place. We can include some basic bush skills around emergency fire making and finding shelter if you are caught out over night, through to boiling the billy and having a cuppa with lunch.

Guided overnight tramps (hikes) which include an overnight stay in one of the three Department of Conservation huts in the area can also be arranged. These tramps require a level of fitness that means you can walk up and down hills for 4-5 hours per day. You will need your own pack and sleeping bag.

My grounding principles.

  1. That the evidence-based research for the restorative effects and enhanced wellbeing from being in nature is overwhelming.
  2. That all people are descended from nature-based cultures. That through a deeper connection with the natural environment we reconnect with the interconnectedness of the planet and all living things.
  3. Given the threats of climate change, mass extinctions and the risk humankind will destroy the thread of life that holds us all together, rediscovering and staying connected with the natural world gives us hope that we can turn this decline around. In the words of Joanna Macey – The Great Turning.
  4. Above all, the concept of interconnectedness of our internal scape and the external environment – landscape, is now central to how I see the world and our sacred integration with it.


Live Like the River Flows has DOC approval and consent to guide participants on nine consented tracks here in the Wairarapa – Eight are in the Tararua Forest Park and one in the South, in the Remutaka Forest Park. Approval also means I have passed the environmental standards set by DOC, as well as safety standards set by an independent auditor, and are now approved to operate in public conservation areas. The use of the logo also confirms that Live Like the River Flows pays fees to DOC to support conservation.

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Live Like the River Flows has a Safety Management System that has been audited and certified by OutdoorsMark against the Safety Audit Standard for Safety management Systems Document Review. It complies with Department of Conservation Guidelines 2014, Health and Safety at Work 2015 and all relevant activity safety guidelines.

I am First aid trained with Red Cross. A member of Outdoor Training NZ. Through OTNZ I have entered their comprehensive trainer courses. Through them I have also passed my Police vetting check to be able to work with young people. OTNZ is both a pathway for my ongoing professional development and a place to give something back. Looking to build your outdoor skills with them? Click here for courses in your area.

Perhaps you will find amongst my nature based, guided hikes, workshops and retreats, something to sustain, refresh, revitalise you, enable you to claim your sacred nature.

I am not a therapist. I offer group facilitation and support to those who wish to journey on their own course of self-reflection and unfolding, as part of a nature based experience.

“Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au:
I am the river and the river is me.”

-Whanganui Iwi

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Writer’s Retreat

Do you have a writing project to start, finish or somewhere in between. Need some space and quiet to work on it? perhaps our small farm with its meandering stream, shade and spots to rest or write will be just what you seek.

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If you are reading this page you probably know something of the human Rewilding movement – to rewild the inner person, to connect with nature more fully and our lost nature based traditions.

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All my workshops and retreats are nature based. Ideally all of the daytime is spent outside, our at least has an element of being outdoors regardless of the workshop focus. Workshops will be offered  at various locations throughout the year.

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