The Great Turning

earthBill Plotkin in his book, Nature and the Human Soul, asks “will the twenty-first century turn out to be the great ending or the great turning?” The term, the Great Turning, was coined by eco-philosopher, Joanna Macy. Simply put, we will either continue down the path of the industrial growth globalised society consuming the planet beyond anything sustainable for our lives and many of the species we share it with, or we will be on the side of the Great Turning and transition to a life sustaining world.

For me the hope of the great turning gives me solace, it overcomes the anxiety and stress of an economic system benefiting the few at the expense of the future of human societies, the plants, animals, rivers and ocean’s we share this wondrous place with. Its what I mean when I refer to reclaiming our sacred nature – our internal sacred nature, and the enteral sacred nature, that we are so dependant on and above all where we find our hope, truth and grace, at the intersection of the internal and external scape’s.

Live like the river flows is my small offering as part of the Great Turning.



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