Lessons from the River



Lesson’s from Rivers – # 1

A river carves through rock,

not by force,

 but persistence.


Lessons from the river – #2

A meandering river creates curves in the landscape. On the outside of the curve the river runs fast, on the inside of the curve it runs slow. A river that has gold in it, has the gold falling and settling in the slower part of the river – the inside curve. The bank on the outside of the curve erodes away and the pace of the current means no riches are to be found.

Our gold, the riches of life, is to be found in the slower water. Our soul, our being, the, ‘who we are’, is enriched with slowness. To try to live permanently on the outside of the curve with the speed of the river, is to have our soul, our being, eroded away.


Two excerpts from Reflections from Quiet Waters, to be released soon.

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