Group Facilitation

Just beyond yourself. Its where you need to be, half a step into self forgetting, and the rest restored by what’ll meet … (opening lines from David whyte Poem)

Michael has a facilitation style that supports the group to find their own questions and answers, that draws upon the wisdom found in poetry and story, to take you into new places of insight.

Michael has a wealth of experience in advocacy, facilitation and negotiation. Others have said of him ‘he has a rare ability to gather in a range of views and ideas and to sum them up in a way that crystallises differing perspectives without offending while all feel heard.’

Forget screeds of notes an endless never to be revisited again butcher paper exercises. Insights gained by the group are recorded from your own drawing, mapping the journey thus far and a desired path ahead. (As simple as crayon on paper – reflections, not art works). Leave with a group agreed map which then goes on the wall to remind you of where you are all heading.

Where possible Michael prefers to spend some of the time in nature with the group to find a new slower rhythm of reflection either here in the Wairarapa or at a location of your choice.
If you’d like to talk to about what you are seeking, please contact us.

In the words of Whyte again

Start close in,

don’t take the second step

or the third,

start with the first thing

close in,

the step

you don’t want to take.


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