Upcoming Retreats and Dates


My workshops and retreats are natured based experiences combined with a self-reflective theme. They draw heavily on being in nature, with forest and river, a place to play and to find a slower rhythm of being, as they refresh, revitalise and grounds us.

I have a facilitation style that supports the individual to find their own questions and answers, that draws upon the insights gained from your own drawing (as simple as crayon on paper – reflections, not art works), the wisdom found in poetry and story, along with workshop exercises, journaling and the interaction with others in this retreat community.

As live like the river flows gathers momentum, the retreats on offer will be added to. I’m excited about the retreat set for March 2019,Into your own unfolding’ to be held at the beautiful Waihoanga lodge on the banks of Otaki river.

The summer programme will be updated later in the year. 

Into your own unfolding

braided riverThe retreat opens with the metaphor of a braided river.

Our lives consist of many strands, both internal and external. These strands unfold and intertwine, some carry us forward, some hold us back, others sustain and support.

This retreat will hold you in quiet waters so you can reflect on what supports and sustains you, as your river continues to carry you into your own unfolding.

Held during the autumn equinox, we can can harvest the bounty of our external and internal autumn richness.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The changing nature of work – Surviving the future!

Technology is replacing jobs at an ever-increasing pace. Paid work that we thought might see us through for many years to come is disappearing. For many, the coming of what once was an expected retirement date is instead a marker to work past as the need to for some form of ongoing income becomes a reality.

For others who are younger, the swiftness of change, the need to un-learn, re-learn, to move not only places of work but career’s many times in a lifetime, pose unprecedented challenges. How to cope, how to survive this present future is the focus of this one day workshop.

This workshop will be held in 2019. If you are interested let me know and I will send more details.

Congratulations, this looks great! I am forever grateful to you for your advice about pursuing residence in New Zealand, which has led to me having a fulfilling job and my own home here. I am very happy to recommend to others that they benefit from your wisdom! I’ll certainly pass on information about the retreats to some friends and acquaintances.” Helen Caldwell

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