Finding our way back home (2)

Mauri, the connecting thread. I wrote recently about our environmental crisis being a matter of disconnection from Taiao – the environment, the all living non-human world. In finding our way back home, to being fully connected, we must recognise the thread that connects us to all, human to human, the non-human living world to itself, and humans to that all living non-human world.

That thread is Mauri, the life force that exists in and runs through all things of matter. From Mountains, to Awa, trees to bees, birds to fish and yes, us to them. The word Mauri can be seen as Ma -by way of and uri – connection. A further definition of uri is the idea of kinship. We are all kin, we are all related, we are all connected.

The task now is to find the thread, hold onto it and take yourself on a journey of kinship.

Michael Woodcock

3 Replies to “Finding our way back home (2)”

  1. Yes! I was just talking with my 20 year old daughter this morning about the thread that connects us to humanity, travelling to open up our perspectives & learn outside our comfort zone & finding the pulse thats the heart of place, of people, of ideas. I once attended an Interpretation Australia conference in Central Australia called “Getting to the Heart of It”, which talk a both ways approach to telling Australian stories including integrated ways to work with the local languages on first nations communities. Language is so deeply connected to place. SOmething I’m keen to write about/question/explore more.

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    1. Hi Anna, appreciate the fact you read my post and comment back with another interesting perspective. Keep following the thread.


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